Pin Pon, es un muñeco, en inglés


Pin Pon, es un muñeco, en inglés

Esta canción se empezó a escuchar sobre los años 90.


pin pon, es un muñeco - canciones infantiles



Pin Pon is a very handsome boy doll,
made out of cardboard.
He will wash his face,
with water and soap.

When he combs his hair
With ivory comb.
When he pulls his hair
He will not cry nor go like this.

When he’s given his soup,
He will not stain his bib.
Then he will eat carefully
He looks like a school boy.

When the stars in the sky
Start to blink.
Pin Pon goes to bed
And goes to sleep.

Pin Pon give me your hand,
Give it a good squeeze.
Because I want to be your friend,
Pin Pon, Pin Pon, Pin, Pon.

Pin Pon.

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